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Working long hours 'linked to depression': overtime-depression_166x138_200332294-001

Working long hours 'linked to depression'

Working eleven hours a day can lead to severe depression, Metro has today reported. According to the newspaper, staff who put in 11 or more hours a day at the office are twice as likely to suffer a severe bout of depression than those working just eight.

New initiative - Money Sense

First Newsletter

Rotherham Council has backed a multi million pound project: visions-of-china-feature

Rotherham Council has backed a multi million pound project

The Council's Cabinet has selected the preferred developers for the fomer Pithouse West colliery site, located to the north of Rother Valley Country Park.

The Source Skills Academy has secured  funding to support businesses and sole traders in Yorkshire: The Source Skills Academy

The Source Skills Academy has secured funding to support businesses and sole traders in Yorkshire

Businesses can access a 50% contribution towards an exclusive programme designed by Retail Expert and TV host Mary Portas - "The Mary Portas guide to successful retailing - An inspirational programme for shop owners/managers."

Tips for Raising Finance from your Bank: APPROVED_loanJPG

Tips for Raising Finance from your Bank

There is a belief in the business community that banks are not lending to businesses, but banks are keen to emphasise that they are very much open for business to lend to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Government appoints Careline services to deliver Business Link helpline: new_phone_line

Government appoints Careline services to deliver Business Link helpline

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has appointed Careline Services, in partnership with the Business and Enterprise Group, to provide its new Business Link helpline

Workplace Health

The cost of poor employee health to your business is incredible, and for those companies who do not have the resources to manage sickness and absence, those costs can be even greater.

To any employer, the statistics below are frightening...

  • On average, each year 1.7 million scheduled work days are lost as a direct result of sickness and absence.
  • The economic cost of sickness, absence and worklessness resulting from ill health is over £100 billion per annum.
  • Employees are taking 70 million days sick leave per year due to problems such as stress, anxiety and depression which can be a direct result of physical or personal issues.

Statistics showing increasing poor physical health means sickness and absence will only increase. According to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence...

  • 61.4% of adults in England are now either overweight or obese
  • Just 1 person in 7 achieves their five-a-day target
  • By 2020 at least 1/3 of adults will be obese

A whole range of serious health problems are linked to poor diet and insufficient physical activity. Issues such as problems sleeping, stress/anxiety, back, neck and joint pain may not be life-threatening. However, they can significantly impact productivity and are recognised as being some of the largest contributors to sporadic absenteeism.

Encouraging and aiding your staff to be more active both in and out of the workplace will result in a more energetic, motivated and industrious workforce. The BeingBetter Project can show you how implementing small changes can have a significant impact on your employees and the growth of your business.

It is our aim to remove any health related barriers to work using innovative methods, and to maximise the performance of your workforce.

From recovering from physical injury to general fatigue, stress, poor diet and sleeping patterns, we endeavour to identify and broker in the most effective and accessible solution, providing the support necessary for employees to reach their full potential.

Contact us to arrange a chat with one of our consultants.

Team Challenges

Walking the Length of Hadrian's Wall: hadrian's wall

Walking the Length of Hadrian's Wall

Our 2nd challenge is to walk the length of Hadrian's Wall in 2 weeks.

The Meadowhall Challenge: meadowhall

The Meadowhall Challenge

We aim to walk 897,600 steps (equalivalent to 100 Laps) which is 170 miles of Meadowhall Shopping Centre in 22 days!

Conquering the Eiffel Tower, 10 times in a day!: eiffel-tower-431x300

Conquering the Eiffel Tower, 10 times in a day!

For our third team challenge we're going to walk up and down the Eiffel Tower, 10 times in one day.

Climbing Mount Everest (in steps): mount-everest-1

Climbing Mount Everest (in steps)

The first challenge we set ourselves was to conquer the giant that is Mount Everest while still balancing a full week of work.

Upcoming Events

NHS Rotherham Events (Stop Smoking Help): 8e00704e-b469-4671-815f-9450f7fe301d

NHS Rotherham Events (Stop Smoking Help)

Some people prefer one-to-one help. You can walk into one of the service's drop-in centres or book an appointment in advance.

Mind Your Own Business Training Dates 2011/12: MYOB_logo_cmyk

Mind Your Own Business Training Dates 2011/12

Please see the attached flyer for forthcoming dates for the Mental Health First Aid and Managing Mental Health training courses


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